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For new members Glad to have you as a new member!


This file used to be sent out as an email to all new members to give them a quick overview of some of the things our Club does as well as things/items that are available for your use. I just thought it would be more convenient to have it on the website so that will always be available and can be referred to when needed.

Being a new member you may not be familiar with the process for Projected Image and Print Nights. The specifications for your entries, for either of these nights, can be found on the BPS website under the link "Info for Members" and then select "Specs for ….".

  • You can find out what is happening for any week throughout the year on the "Calendar" page. You will find additional information about any of the events by clicking on the link that is shown for the date, a popup will appear with all the particulars about that evening.
  • The Projected Image Nights have two segments to them:
    • In the first part of the evening there will be a themed slideshow. For this slideshow you can submit up to 4 images that match the evening's theme, check on the calendar for information regarding the theme and where to email your files as this is subject to change. Make sure you send these images in by Friday before the scheduled meeting.
    • The second portion of the evening consists projected images which will be the subjects for discussion by the members present at the meeting. There is no theme for this portion of the evening. This is intended to give positive and constructive feedback about the images. You can submit up to 2 images for this portion of the evening and they should be emailed to the Projected Image Chair by the Sunday before to the meeting.
    • For the Print Nights you can bring 2 prints for showing. Print nights generally do not have a theme associated with them. You must be there a few minutes early so that your prints can be displayed on the walls prior to the start of the meeting. After an initial few minutes allowed for viewing the prints at the start of the meeting, one or both of your 2 prints will be selected for display and discussion depending upon the number of prints being shown.
  • Under the "Photos from …" button you will find menu links to images from previous Projected Image Nights, the various Competition Galleries that our club has entered and Members' Galleries". If you have any images that you would like to share with the club members (or the rest of the world) you can email them to me and I will upload them to the Members' Galleries page in a separate folder under your name. If you would like to do this just follow the steps below and it will happen very quickly.
    • Select up to about 20 images,
    • Reduce the images to 1400(max width) x 1050 (max. height)
    • Give each image a name following the format shown below. Please don't leave the filename as something like DSCF1234.jpg or 01.jpg, etc.
      e.g. Water_park.jpg or Mount_Robson_at_night.jpg or Reflections.jpg. Descriptive filenames make it much more interesting for the viewer. If you have a series of images that you want to present in a specific order then precede the image with a number as follows:
      e.g. 02- Dead_flower.jpg; 00-Flower_bud.jpg; 01-Open_flower.jpg. When the images appear on the website they will be presented in the numerical order; Flower bud; Open flower; Dead flower.

If you follow that format I can simply re-size, compress, upload and the gallery images should come out just like the ones you see there now.

  • The annual BPS Christmas Party is held in early December (check the Calendar link) and it is a pot luck dinner. For the past couple of years it has been held in the community centre at Greentree Village which is just a short distance from Shadbolt. There is a fun exchange of small gifts that are selected by a random draw. A map and other details are included in the information on the Calendar page.
  • The annual Year-End Picnic is held on the last Monday of the season (early to mid-June) and for the past few years has been at Queen's Park in New Westminster (rain or shine). Information will be given out at a meeting near the end of the year and also in an email.
  • The McGillivary Award is an event held on the last Monday in May. Members create a slide show with a story or theme set to music and approximately one to three minutes long. The winner is selected by popular vote by the members that are present. Very informal. There will be a Special Interest Group (SIG) setup in the very near future to introduce you to using Proshow, if you should wish to learn the software. The club does receive a discount code that members can use to purchase the software, for more information send me an email.
  • ProShow is the software that is used by most members to create the shows for our annual Showcase event. There is more information about Showcase under the Showcase link on the website menu. You can also see the prints which have been exhibited during the Showcase events by clicking on the Showcase button and selecting the Photo Galleries option.
  • For the Showcase event to happen it requires a group of volunteers to come forward. None of the tasks are overly strenuous they just take a small amount of your time and the more volunteers we have to help the less time each has to put in. So don't be shy, when the requests come out don't forget to put your hand up and offer to assist.

  • The Club also owns a professional mat cutter and it is available for use by the membership. There is a stock of mat board available and it is sold at cost. If you want to take advantage of this it is necessary to set up an time to do so as it is stored at a member's house and we have to coordinate the times. Training will be given on using the equipment. If you wish to make arrangements to use the equipment please send an email to the and request an appointment be made for training and using the equipment.
  • And last but not least, for this note anyway, is the Annual General Meeting which takes place in late May or early June (check the schedule). This is where you get an opportunity to help keep the club keep moving forward by putting your name on the slate as ... - well, for whatever job you would like to take on.
  • That's about it for now. I hope this answers some questions that you may have had and didn't know who to ask or if this note has created some questions that you didn't even know you had, please feel free to and I'll do my best to answer it or forward it to somebody who may be able to help.

Enjoy your membership in BPS Enjoy your membership in BPS

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