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(CAPA) Print Competition Guide Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA)
Print Competition Guide 2017-2018



Members/participants agree to permit CAPA to publish their images in Canadian Camera Magazine, on the CAPA Website or use their images at any time for CAPA exhibition, publication, promotion, education. Entry into any CAPA competition or exhibition implies acceptance of the above practice, UNLESS SPECIFICALLY REFUSED by marking an "X" prior to the image title on the competition entry form. Photographers are credited for their work. CAPA recommends that the photographer obtain a model or music release for presentation and publication purposes, prior to submitting the entry. The photographer, not CAPA, will be responsible for any legal issues.


— Open Competitions (Print)

Fall & Spring

A variety of subject matter is accepted including abstracts. The photographer can make enhancements in the camera (zooms, pans, multiple exposures, blurs, cropping) as well as modifications and enhancements using digital imaging software (HDR, focus-stacking, selective layering - using photographs of the same scene) to improve the overall presentation of the original captured image e.g., improved contrast/tonality, enhanced colour. Non-photographic components such as text, lightning or computer-simulated imagery (which were not part of the original photograph) are not acceptable. No composites. Techniques that dramatically change the presentation of the original captured image must be entered in the 'Altered Reality' Competition.

Prints with an OVERALL tone or colour THROUGHOUT (i.e., sepia, selenium, copper or any other singular overall hue) are designated MONOCHROME. Monochrome means “ONE COLOUR!” Black and white prints that have been “selectively” coloured in a localized area are classified as COLOUR. This occurs, for example, when colouring just the canoe orange or only the barn red in a scene, leaving all else gray, black or white.


— General


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