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<CAPA> Projected Image Competition Guide Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA)
Projected Image Competition Guide 2017-2018



Before submitting your images to BPS for CAPA competitions, we encourage you to look at the CAPA web site at: https://capacanada.ca/capa-competitions/, including the "Competition-FAQ" page under the "Competitions" heading in the top menu bar.


"Judges will award their scoring based on key elements such as composition, technique and subject matter. However, the judges will have a strong emphasis on the creative message, quality of execution, innovation, and 'wow' factor."

Conditions Of Entry - Eligibility Criteria

Members/participants agree to permit CAPA to publish their images in Canadian Camera Magazine, on the CAPA Website or use their images at any time for CAPA exhibition, publication, promotion, education. Entry into any CAPA competition or exhibition implies acceptance of the above practice, UNLESS SPECIFICALLY REFUSED by marking an "X" prior to the image title on the competition entry form. Photographers are credited for their work. CAPA recommends that the photographer obtain a model or music release for presentation and publication purposes, prior to submitting the entry. The photographer, not CAPA, will be responsible for any legal issues.


Instructions For Projected Images

  1. Images must be sized to 1400 x 1050 @ 72 - 120 ppi; a maximum of 1400 pixels horizontally (landscape orientation) images and no more than 1050 pixels vertically (portrait orientation), Square images must have 1050 vertical sides. High quality JPEG, in the sRGB colour space.
  2. Maximum file size: 1.8 MB
  3. Correct orientation for viewing -- images will be shown as submitted and will not be resized, rotated, or adjusted.
  4. Note: CAPA's online submission system will check for the above parameters and if they are not met then your image submission will not be accepted. Therefore, please check ahead of time that you have met all requirements.
  5. Submitted image MUST NOT contain any watermarks, name of the image or name of the photographer.
  6. NOTE: Winning images will be published in the CAPA Magazine. Winning contestants will be required to supply their image at the following image sizes - 1400 x 1050 @ 300 ppi, immediately following notification of placement or upon request.



Scope of Competition (https://capacanada.ca/open-digital-theme/)

Open Theme - can include: abstract, landscape, low light, macro, nature, portrait, still-life, wildlife etc.

Editing Criteria

Open Editing - All different in-camera, on-camera and post-processing techniques can be used. This includes combining multiple images and elements in a final image. However, all competition of the final images must have been taken by the Entrant.


Scope of Competition (https://capacanada.ca/fine-art/)

Fine art photography has no universally agreed upon meaning or definition. However, fine art photography does go beyond just capturing an image, cropping and editing it.

The goal of fine art photography is to create a fine art image by using subjects and techniques as vehicles in the process of conveying a strong message, idea, vision and/or emotion.

The artist may need to make the viewer think about what they are looking at and consider a different viewpoint than their own perhaps.

The skills in presenting the photographer's thoughts are also important. You cannot grab a viewer's interest with a poorly executed image. This type of image is just distracting and will not keep the viewer in front of it. Unless the technical part of the work reflects the quality of the abstract thought of the work, it may not be considered fine art.

The goal in creating a fine art image is to use subjects and techniques as vehicles in the process of reaching the photographer's vision, message or evoke an emotion.

According to Ansel Adams "Art implies control of reality, for reality itself possesses no sense of the aesthetics. Photography becomes art when certain controls are applied."

Open Theme - Image can be: abstract, landscape, low light, macro, nature, portrait, still-life, street, wildlife, etc.

Editing Criteria

Open Editing


Scope of Competition (https://capacanada.ca/open-macro/)

For this competition, the focus is on the principle of extreme magnification in capturing items or elements not normally viewed.

Open Theme - image can be fish, insect, mammal, reptile, plant, vegetable, fruit, flowers, water drops, spider webs, money, object, etc…

Both detailed and accurate representation of a subject and creative interpretation and impression through selective focus, etc… are acceptable.

The terms 'close-up' and 'macro' are often used to describe the same type of magnification of an image. However technically speaking, a 'close-up' is an image with a reproduction ratio ranging from 1:10 to just below life size. Whereas 'macro' is life size (1:1) to 10:1 life size.

Close-up photography covers a broader range of lens options and techniques to achieve maximum magnification. The key emphasis of this competition is to "filling the frame is paramount" without the requirement of cropping the image in post processing. Therefore, appropriate composition is required at the time of image capture.

For this competition, you can use a dedicated macro prime lens, zoom lens, or a regular lens using a diopter, extension tubes, bellows, close up filters, lens extender or reverse lens. A combination of these devices are also permitted.

Editing Criteria

Restricted Editing - Images cannot be cropped in post processing to simulate a macro image. Therefore, the appropriate composition must be taken at time of image capture.

Editing may include basic clean up, white balance adjustment, tone adjustments colour correction, clarity, vibrance, saturation, sharpening and dodging/burning - as well as focus stacking, multiple exposure.

IMPORTANT NOTE - For this competition, the Entrant must preserve the original JPG or RAW formatted files containing the metadata details.

  • Submitted image MUST NOT contain any watermarks, name of the image or name of the photographer.
  • Single digital mat is permitted but is not required.
  • Colour selection of the mat is left up to the Entrant.
  • Colour or black & white or monochrome images are permitted.
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