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Crescent Beach B&W Rules -2019 Crescent Beach Black & White Rules - 2019


Image rules

  1. Each club may submit up to 6 (six) prints for judging. Only 1 (one) print per member may be entered.
    (Submissions accepted no later than April 1st, 2019).
  2. Print submissions that have WON or PLACED in ANY previous Competitions will be rejected.
  3. If a photographer is a member of more than one club they may participate in only one club’s entry. Individual Entries will not be accepted.
  4. Subject is Open, and the choice of the photographer. Inappropriate (explicitly sexual) images will not be accepted).
  5. Prints must be Black and White. No tinted or toned prints will be accepted.
  6. Prints may be produced on any type of Photographic Paper (including metallic) as long as the end result is Black and White. Infra-Red Photographs are also acceptable as long as the end result is Black and White.
  7. Prints may be displayed in any format such as polytychs, be circular or octagonal in shape, and have photographic framing of the image as long as the framing is either black or white.
  8. With the exception of 16”x 20” edge to edge prints, all prints should be matted using only single, white or black window mats.
  9. All prints must be mounted on a 16” x 20” mat board and firmed up with suitable backing. Mat Boards must be firmly attached to the back mounting in order to survive frequent handling. Anything larger or smaller than a 16” x 20” mat board will not be accepted.
  10. Prints must not be framed. Minimum print size is 8” X 10”. Maximum print size is 16” X 20”(same size as the mat board) There should be no script on the front of the prints.
  11. All entries must indicate on the top back right hand corner of the print:
    • Title:
    • Photographer's Name:
    • Address:
    • Club Name & Address:
  12. In order to allow the images to be viewed by the audience a .jpg file of the print entry should be provided to Print Chair, Michael Cowhig. The jpg file name should be the same as the title of the print (format 1400 x 1050 pix)
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