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19th Fraser Valley Invitational 19th Fraser Valley Invitational (FVI)
Projected Image Competition Guide 2019


FVI Conditions of Entry —


The world itself is a circle. They naturally occur in nature. Man-made objects are full of them. Your challenge is to look, find, and create an image that represents your vision of the theme.

Conditions Of Entry And Guidelines

The Fraser Valley Invitational, a digital competition, is open to all photography clubs in the Lower Mainland. Each club may enter a minimum of 4 up to a maximum of 10 images. Only one entry per member is allowed. Individuals belonging to more than one photography club, each of which is submitting an entry, may only participate in one club entry. Failure to comply will result in all of the individual’s images being disqualified. Images may be in colour, monochromatic, or a combination of both.

Images must reflect the theme “Circles”. Images not on theme will be disqualified. Images that were entered in a previous FVI will not be accepted.

Images may be created with composites. However, the final image must be comprised of photograph(s) created by the image maker. Post processing enhancements are encouraged as long as the integrity of the photograph(s) remain present and originated with the photographer.

All images will be reviewed for compliance when received.

Eligibility Criteria

Size: To ensure the image’s aspect ratio will provide the best viewing, images must be in JPEG format and sized to meet the parameters of a maximum height of 1050 vertical and a maximum width of 1400 horizontal pixels. Square format images must be 1050 X 1050 pixels. Langley Camera Club will ask that you resubmit entries that do not comply with the size parameters

Format: All images must be in sRGB colour space.

Title: Titles of images are to be comprised of 5 words or less and named with the title followed by the maker’s name. A space is to be inserted between each word in the title and a hyphen is to be placed between the title and maker’s name. A space is to be inserted on either side of the hyphen.
Example: LCC Pretty Picture – John Doe.jpg

Awards:: Trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Club Total 1st 2nd and 3rd highest scoring images will receive FVI ribbons and CAPA Gold, Silver or Bronze 1st 2nd and 3rd highest scoring images will receive FVI ribbons and CAPA Gold, Silver or Bronze medals respectively.

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