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Celebration of Nature competition (LGCC) Lions Gate Camera Club (LGCC)
"Celebration of Nature" Competition (2018)


Rules for content, sizing and naming of digital images

Please follow these guidelines so that your images conform to a standard. These instructions are consistent with Adobe Photoshop routines, but most other common graphics programs will use similar terminology.

  1. Set your colour working space to the sRGB standard. This is the colour gamut that is used for E-Mail, monitor and digital projector viewing.
  2. From your scanned slide or negative or digital camera image, set the size of your edited image. If using Photoshop, go to image/image size. Check the "constrain proportions" box, then …
    1. For a horizontal image, set only the horizontal pixel width to 1400.
    2. For a vertical or square image, set only the vertical pixel height to 1050.
  3. Click OK. Do not be concerned about document size, resolution, or file size.
  4. Sharpen your image to be suitable for digital projection. Almost all digital or scanned digital images require some sharpening. Do not over- sharpen.
  5. For colour accuracy from your screen to our projector it is strongly advised that you calibrate your monitor. We will not be making any corrections or adjustments to the submitted images.
  6. There are three categories in the competition:
    Category 01 Birds: (where the dominant subjects are avian)
    Category 02 Mammals: (where the dominant subject/subjects are mammals)
    Category 03 General: (any other nature image that is not in category 01 or 02)
    Ribbons will be awarded for first, second and third places and honorable mention in each of the above categories. One image will be chosen as "Best in Show", as well as a second and third place. Scoring ties for 1st, 2nd or 3rd will be re-judged for placement.
    For images submitted that do not indicate the specific category we will arbitrarily assign a category based on the dominant subject.
  7. To enable handling and organization of entries please name each file as described below:
    Your file name should start with your name, then the title. This will make it easy to sort all of the submissions by the photographers' names. Thank you.
  8. Save files as high resolution JPEGs (.jpg).
    Note: Do not save as jpg files during editing because image quality will be reduced. Save as a jpg file once, and only after doing all sharpening, colour corrections and editing changes.

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