North Shore Photo Challenge Rules 2018 North Shore Photo Challenge Rules 2018


Image submission

Digital image files from scanned slides, scanned colour negatives, scanned black and white negatives or directly from digital cameras will be accepted. Images must be in JPEG or JPG format.

Image rules

  1. There is no restriction in subject matter. However an image submitted to a previous North Shore Photographic Challenge is not eligible.
  2. Digital entries must conform to the specifications outlined in the Digital Specifications Guide (see below).
  3. The top one hundred scoring images will be sent to all participating clubs. Entering the competition indicates that the image-maker has given permission to have his or her image duplicated. Images may be used in advertising future Challenge events.

Digital Specifications Guide

The size of image that can be projected is a maximum width of 1400 by a maximum height of 1050 pixels (native SXGA+).

To insure that your digital images conform to standard, please follow these directions:

  • Set your working space to the sRGB standard. (This is the colour gamut that is specific to viewing on monitors and for projection to screen). If you are not using Photoshop then pick a gamut that works similar to sRGB.
  • For your digital image, set the size of your edited image as the last step. If using Photoshop, go to Image —> image size —> resize. Ensure that both the constrain proportions and resample boxes are checked.
    1. For a horizontal image, set pixels dimensions to a maximum width of 1400. Do not adjust the height as it will adjust automatically.
    2. For a vertical or square image, set pixels dimensions to a maximum height of 1050. Do not adjust the width as it will adjust automatically.
    3. Click OK. (Do not be concerned about document size, resolution, or file size. Leave this information as is.)
  • Now you can sharpen your image suitable for digital projection. Do not over-sharpen.
  • Be sure your monitor is calibrated. We will not make colour corrections or other adjustments to the submitted digital files.
  • Finally, save the file as a high resolution (12) JPEG (.jpg) file. Do not save as jpg files during editing as image quality will be lost. Save as a jpg file once and only after all changes have been made.
  • Do not put any copyright information or any text on the image.
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