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Welcome to our Image Night GalleriesWelcome to our Image Night Galleries

from Projected Image Nights

Each month we have one night where club members can submit images for viewing and receive constructive feedback. The members can enter two of their images for viewing at the meeting. There are no themes or topics for these nights and conequently there is a very diverse selection of images presented which makes for an interesting evening. The total number of images displayed varies from as few as 20-24 to as many as 40+. Go ahead and click on a month and view our members' images.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the photographs please send an email to info@burnabyphotographicsociety.com with the month and name of the photograph and photographer if available, and your note will be forwarded to the member who can then contact you.

Enjoy viewing the images and please remember that all images are copyrighted by the photographers.


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