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AV Guidelines Guidelines for Creating A-V Shows for Showcase

by the BPS Showcase Committee

01 November, 2017


The annual Showcase event of the Burnaby Photographic Society (BPS) is a chance to present to the public our club's high-quality photographic work. Large framed prints are hung in the lobby of the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, and the annual Saturday night event features about 20 to 25 short but entertaining audio-visual shows. Typically, such shows are composed of still photos accompanied by music that helps to set a complementary mood. Some shows also combine still photos with short video clips.

The Saturday night Showcase event, which is held annually in late January or early February, continues to attract an audience of 200 to 260 people. This is the main fund-raising event for BPS each year. In 2017, we held our 21st Showcase event. This event's discerning audience has come to expect interesting, amusing, and enjoyable audio-visual shows created by BPS photographers. To help keep the crowds coming to Showcase, please check out the following links for information on creating "great audio-visual shows".

Creating a Great Audio-Visual Show by Paul Sparrow
Paul Sparrow's Audio-Visual Show website

To help meet our standards, the Showcase Committee has also written the following guidelines for BPS members who plan to produce shows.

  1. BPS members are encouraged to produce shows that impress the audience with high-quality images, entertain them with audio-visual stories, or engage them in a "photographic/videographic journey" through special events such as festivals. When selecting and editing your material, please consider all of the information you have gathered during BPS' regular print and projected-image critique nights.
  2. Audiences will be more engaged if your show illustrates a clear theme, and the music that you have chosen enhances the mood and feeling of your show. In addition, the most engaging shows tell a clear story, are humourus, are informative, and/or entertain the viewer.
  3. Audio-visual shows should be unique to the Burnaby Photographic Society Showcase. In other words, no show will be used that has been shown publicly at any other time or place (except at internal BPS meetings such as the Don McGillivray Competition).
  4. Family holiday shows should emphasize artistic and creative elements, as opposed to simply being a series of "record shots" of events, family poses, and scenes that would have limited audience appeal.
  5. The audience is most entertained by shows that are 4 minutes long or less. Even one-minute shows have been successful in the past, especially if they are humorous! Well-paced durations of slides, simple and consistent transition styles, and a supportive music track are basic elements for engaging the audience and keeping them interested.
  6. Shows can be created using all still photos, a combination of photos and HD video or all HD video. In all cases the material must have been captured by a BPS photographer/showmaker.
  7. No videos or still photos taken by other people or downloaded from the internet are allowed. Not only does such use violate copyright, but it also does not reflect the spirit and purpose of Showcase — to present the work of BPS members. The only exceptions are images captured by a non-BPS photographer while accompanying a BPS member on a photo outing, either of a scene chosen by the non-BPS person or under the "artistic direction" of a BPS member. An example of the latter would be where the BPS member asks his or her fellow photographer to "Stand here and take a photo of me with that mountain in the background and not too much bright sky." For the exceptions described in this paragraph, contributions of the non-BPS photographer must be a very minor portion of the show and that person must be named in the credits.
  8. To enable us to have a professional-looking presentation at Showcase, all shows must START AND END, with a silent, black blank slide or space that:
  • lasts at least 3 seconds,
  • is completely black and
  • has no music or other sound track during that time.
   We need that much time at both the beginning and the end of your shows to pause the show so that the audience won't see the projectionist's "desktop screen" when we start and finish the shows. This feature makes for a more professional presentation.
  1. When you submit the "final-final" version of your show to the Showcase Committee in January, the show must include one or more "credit slides" that state who the photographer was, and perhaps even the music you used. In contrast, first-draft shows that you submit in November should NOT contain any credit slides. This is to ensure that the committee members are not influenced by knowing who created the show.
  2. To help set the context for your shows for the Showcase Committee's selection process, you may want to provide background information on the show, both at the first-draft submission stage in November as well as the final stage in January. There probably will be very few shows that need such an explanation for the November draft submission, but if you have one, please send a few sentences to the current coordinator of the Showcase shows at the same time as you submit your show files.
  3. All shows must follow certain technical requirements to make the Showcase presentations as professional as possible. Here are some examples of those requirements.
    1. You must start your show with a 3-second blank space, this allows the projectionist to put it on "pause" before the show starts. This is to allow the Master of Ceremonies time to read the introduction to your show.
    2. Your show must automatically play "full screen".
    3. Your show must NOT display a "play/pause/stop" control bar on the screen when it starts playing.
    4. Your show must NOT display the Photodex or any other advertising "splash screen" when the show begins.
    5. If you are using ProShow Gold or ProShow Producer to create your show you must use the settings described in this website's "Showcase --> Settings tab" when producing the executable (.exe) file.
      If you are using iMovie to create your show you will also find the appropriate settings under the "Showcase --> Settings tab" on our website.
    6. As well, please consult other documents for information about software to use, technical aspects of AV shows, and broad suggestions for choosing a theme, appropriate photos, and music. For example, see John Wilson's checklist of suggestions.

To learn how to meet these unwavering requirements, please use the following links to find the necessary settings for Proshow and iMovie software. The illustrations in these documents are now for older versions of the software, but you can find similar procedures in newer versions as well.

Proshow Gold Settings
Proshow Producer Settings
iMovie Settings
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