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Special Interest Group What is a Special Interest Group (SIG)?


Recognizing that our weekly meetings cannot possibly deal with all the various interests of our members, Special Interest Groups or SIGs are a way to give members interested in learning more about a specific topic an opportunity to get together to exchange ideas.

Some SIGs may meet only once and then disband. An example of such a SIG would be a "What functions should I consider in the purchase of a DSLR?"

Other SIGS may be held regularly as needed. A SIG will continue to exist only as long as the participants feel that it meets a need.

SIG meetings will be held in member’s homes and will not be scheduled at the same time as club meetings or activities. An attempt will be made to have the meetings take place as close to the Shadbolt Center as possible.

To form a SIG, please discuss the proposed topic with the SIG Coordinator who will endeavor to find someone who will act as a resource person for the topic. All Club members will be notified of the formation of a SIG and its meeting place and time on the club web site.

If it appears that a large number of members are interested in a particular topic, the SIG Coordinator will discuss the matter with the Workshop Chairperson to consider featuring the topic at a regular club meeting

As seating will generally be limited, members wishing to attend a SIG meeting must register with the SIG Coordinator in advance.


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