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AV Guidelines Slideshow Checklist

by John Wilson

  1. Make a Story Board
    • Make 4x6 prints of the images you plan to put in your show. Lay them out where you can see all of them and rearrange them until you have the sequence/flow that you are happy with.
    • Number the prints from top left to bottom right with the sequence 01-09 and normal numbering thereafter.
      This is important to ensure the images load into ProShow in the correct sequence and will save a lot of time rearranging them in ProShow.
  2. Create a file with the images numbered in the order you wish the slides to appear
    • Rearrange the images to match the sequence in 1 above and number them accordingly.
  3. Select the your music
    • Ideally you should have some idea of what music you want to use before starting the creation of the show.
    • For ProShow 5 or earlier you will have to convert it to MP3 or some other form that ProShow 5 or earlier can read.
    • You can store the converted music file in the same file with your images for the show.
  4. Load the images into ProShow
    • Open the ProShow application. It will open as a blank show.
    • In the Folder List, locate your show file and open it. The images from the file should automatically load into the File List window in the correct order.
    • Drag and drop the images into the Slide List window.  DO NOT DRAG THE MUSIC FILE INTO THIS WINDOW! 
  5. Add a blank starting and ending slide
    • Right click on the first slide
    • From the dropdown menu select - Insert
    • Select - Blank Slide. A black slide will be inserted to the left of the first slide.
    • Scroll to the last slide and repeat the process. Drag the blank slide to the right of he last slide.
  6. Check the sequencing
    • Under the preview pane, click on the last icon just before the numbers
    • Click on the right pointing arrow to start the show. It should open in full screen mode
    • Click on the beginning blank slide
    • Watch the sequencing to ensure there are no additional changes required
    • At the end of the show hit Esc to return to the work screen.
  7. Add a Title and End slide
    • Select the slide you wish to use as your title slide and place a copy at the beginning just after the blank slide.
    • Double click on the slide. You should now be in a window titled Slide Style.
    • In the Captions pane at the top left, click on the + sign. A cursor will appear in the pane to the left of the image.
    • Type your title in this pane. Notice that it also appears on the slide in a box with handles. The Caption Place pane below the slide will also have become active.
    • Use the top handle on the text box to size the title.
    • You can change the font, add an outline and add a shadow if you wish.
    • When done, click OK
    • Repeat for the end slide. Use the following format:

      Images (or Photography) by - your name
      Production - name of whoever actually put the show together (Not necessary if it is you)
      Music - Group/Musician and Song title

    • In the Caption Behaviors pane you can experiment with how your captions appear on the screen. Play till you find one you like.
    • Leave the boxes in Caption Setup UNCHECKED!!!

       Captions must be large enough to be read from the back of the theatre. 

       Save the show and give it a title you will recognize. In you need to come back to it at a later time, click on File, click on Open Recent and click on your show title to reopen the show where you left off. 

  8. Add the music
    • Drag and drop the music file into the Soundtrack area at the bottom of the screen. When loaded, there should be a green bar in this window.
  9. Adjust the flow
    • Adjust Music Start - The music must start at the Title Slide. Right click on the music track just slightly to the left of the title slide. Select - Start Track Here.
    • Adjust the slide timing - In the bottom right corner of each slide is the duration of the slide.
      To the right of each slide is a box with a similar number for the transition to the next slide.
      You can independently adjust each of these for each slide and transition.
      You can also select all the slides, or a group of slides, change the timing of one and click in the empty space between the slides to change the timing for all.
      Run the show and tweak the timing of the slides and transitions so they flow with the music. Do this as many times as you need to till you have a flow you are satisfied with.
       Remember to save your work!!! 
    • Add motion - You can add movement to your slide show - BUT USE THIS SPARINGLY!!!
      Double click on the slide. In the top left of the Slide Settings window click on Slide Style. The pane will change to Slide Style and a new pane - Slide Styles - will appear at the bottom of the window. Scroll through the options and experiment to determine what type of motion/action you want to apply. When done, click Apply Style at the bottom right of the pane.
    • Add Transitions - You can vary the type of transition between slides - BUT USE THIS SPARINGLY!!!
      Double click on the transition box. The Choose Transition pane will appear. Experiment to determine what type of action to apply. When done, click Apply at the bottom right of the pane.
    • Adjust End of Music - Right click on the music track just slightly to the right of the end slide. Select - End Track Here.
    • Fade Out - If the show ends before the music track you will need to have the music fade out. Double click on the music track. The Soundtrack window will appear. Under Track Settings, click on Edit Fades and Timing. A new pane will appear. In the bottom right is the Fade Out box. Your fade time should be the duration of the End slide plus the transition on either side. Type that number in the box and click OK. Then click OK on the Soundtrack window.


       Test Run your show as many times as necessary to determine you are satisfied with all aspects of the show. 

  10. Create your Executable file

You can use the following links to access the preferred settings for Proshow and iMovie software or use the orange navigation bar called "Showcase tips and guides" on the BPS web site.

Proshow Gold Settings
Proshow Producers Settings
iMovie Settings

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